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How to Upgrade to Gigabit Speeds

As an HOA member, you have access to the cheapest Gigabit (1000Mbps) service in Lincoln for only $20/Mo. You may upgrade online by accessing your portal at the following link.


For assistance getting access to the portal, visit the following link.


Once logged in, you will click “Upgrade plan” at the top right.

You will then choose the plan you would like, then select “Confirm upgrade“.

You will then see the requested upgrade on the dashboard.

You then must add a credit card on file for auto-pay for the requested service upgrade. This will be done by clicking on the gear icon to the left for Settings. You will select the Payments option, then select Add Credit Card.

NOTE: The Gigabit upgrade will not be processed unless there is a card on file.

Please allow one business day for upgrade requests to be processed. The upgraded service will also be prorated to the 1st of the next billing cycle.

You can submit a Support Ticket through the portal, email support@mylincolncrossing.org, or call Customer Service at 916-486-4622 if you would like to order additional services like our in-home Wi-Fi or VoIP phone service.

Updated on January 11, 2024
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