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Why is my Gigabit Connection Slow

​​You will only see gigabit speed from a wired connection, and even then, it will not hit 1 gigabit exactly, but should be in the high 800mbit to low 900mbit range and will be limited by the 1000mbit port on your router.

Wi-Fi speeds will typically be around 150mbit to 500mbit depending on your router and other device Wi-Fi generation, the broadcast frequency you are connected to(2.4ghz or 5ghz), the channel width of the broadcast frequency(20mhz, 40mhz, 80mhz or 160mhz), and the connection strength from your device to the router. Both the router and device would need to be Wi-Fi 6 to see over 500mbit speeds.

Having a gigabit connection is more about making sure you have plenty of speed for all of your devices to function correctly versus getting the full gigabit to a single device. A wired connection, if possible, will always be the best choice for stationary devices, such as TVs, computers, and game consoles.

Slow speeds can be due to improper Wi-Fi router placement or using a single router for a larger or two-story home. For example, having a single router in the master bedroom closet will have issues reaching the whole home. It is recommended to use a Wi-Fi mesh system for larger homes. This would use multiple routers to make sure you are getting full coverage throughout your home. We offer our TP-Link Deco units to customers for $15/mo and will come with a lifetime warranty, support, and security updates.

Please call our Customer Service at 916-486-4622 if you would like to order our Wi-Fi mesh system.

Updated on December 29, 2023
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