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How to migrate from POP3 to IMAP

To switch your POP3 email to IMAP please follow the instructions below:

Open your email program, go to the account settings, then choose the option to add an account, (this option may vary from program to program).

You will then add your email account with the IMAP option selected instead of POP3. You can use our email settings at Succeed.Net General Email Settings Guide. Note: you may need to select “other account” first if you are given a selection of email services, such as Yahoo or Gmail.

Once the new IMAP account has been created, you can then copy over your email and folders from the old POP3 account to the new IMAP account.

When you have finished transferring the email and folders to your IMAP account, you can then go to account settings and remove the POP3 account.

Updated on January 18, 2024
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