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Why can my Neighbor get Service, but my Address Cannot?

Fixed wireless internet will require a clear line of sight from the dish we install all the way to the tower we would connect it to. Trees, hills, and tall structures can block this line of sight and not allow us to get a usable signal to your location. Distance from the tower will also be a factor. This means that your neighbor may be able to get our service, but you cannot due to something blocking your line of sight. See below:

This picture shows a good link from our tower to this location. This means there is a high chance of success for an installation. (No installation is 100% guaranteed as there may be an obstruction on-site that the program did not pick up.)

This example shows a poor link to the homes just to the east of the previous location and we would not be able to provide service to this location. This would be due to trees and a hill that will be blocking the line of sight.

Please note: These values assume testing from the home itself. If you have a tall structure on the property, such as a tower or large tv antennae, this may allow us to now service your location with the additional installation height from this structure.

Updated on January 24, 2024
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