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Windows 8 Mail Setup (IMAP)

Windows 8 Mail – Configure Existing IMAP Account

This article details updating the settings in Windows 8 Mail for use with Succeed.net email servers

  • From the home screen click on Mail
  • When the mail program opens swipe from the right side of the screen in to the middle to bring up a menu
  • In the menu that appeared click Settings, which will bring up the Settings menu
  • In the Settings menu click Accounts to bring up the list of existing accounts
  • In the Accounts list click the email account that you would like to change the settings on, in this case jdoe@succeed.net
  • This will open the settings for the email address you clicked
    • 1. Account name – This is the name you would like the account referenced as in Outlook. For clarity we suggest Succeed.net or your email address
    • 2. Your name – Enter your name, this is who your email recipients will see email as coming from.
    • 3. Download new email – This is how often email should automatically be checked for new mail
    • 4. Download email from – This is the amount of email that your computer will cache, if you receive a large amount of email you should set this to two weeks or less.
    • 5. Content to sync – Email. This should be checked
    • 6. Show email notifications – All email. This ensures that you receive visual notification when you receive an email
    • 7. Automatically download external images – This is set to on by default. This allows pictures contained in emails that are not attachments but exist on the internet to show in the messages. If this is turned off you may see broken links in emails.
    • 8. Use an email signature – When set to on the contents of the box in step 9 will be included in all outgoing email
    • 9. Enter your signature for outgoing email, it is customary to include your name in your outgoing email as you would a letter
    • 1. Preferred email address – This should be greyed out and just shows the name of the email account you are changing settings on
    • 2. Password – Enter your email password
    • 3. Email username – Enter your full email address. Succeed.net servers require your full email address as your user name
    • 4. Incoming Mail Server: – mail.succeed.net
    • 4. Port – 993. This is the port for incoming mail and as Succeed.net requires SSL be used the incoming port must be 993
    • 5. Server requires SSL – Checked. As Succeed.net requires it for incoming mail
    • 6. Outgoing mail server – mail.succeed.net
    • 6. Port – 587. This should be 587 no matter if SSL is used for outgoing mail or not
    • 7. Server requires SSL – Checked. As Succeed.net requires it for outgoing mail
    • 8. Outgoing server requires authentication – Checked. Succeed.net incoming and Outgoing mail servers both require authentication
    • 9. Use the same username and password to send and receive email – Checked. Succeed.net incoming and Outgoing mail servers both require authentication and the username and password are the same for both
  • Scroll back to the top and click the back Arrow next to the name of the account
  • Now that you have updated your settings you should now be able to send out an email
Updated on August 27, 2019

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