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What are the limitations of your email service?

Limits of our Email Service:

Mass email limits: You can send to 150 recipients every five minutes. If you go above that limit, you will be blocked from sending for six hours.

Workaround: We recommend https://mailchimp.com/ if you have the need to email 100+ recipients on a regular basis, the service is free up to 2000 users and offers great tools and reports for this purpose.

Email attachment size: Email attachments are limited to 25MB in size.  Be aware that your recipient may have a smaller limit and still be blocked.  10MB is not uncommon.

Workaround: We recommend https://www.mailbigfile.com/ free service that allows up to 2GB attachments.

Storage: We offer 500MB of storage per email by default if you keep email on the server (when using IMAP or Webmail).

Workaround: We offer extended capacity mailboxes for a few dollars a month extra.  Contact our sales dept.  Or you can use one of the many free services.  Be aware though that they use your data for datamining your personal data and info while Succeed.Net never does this (which is why we have to charge).  Free services aren’t free, you are trading access to yourself and your personal info instead.

Updated on August 13, 2019

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